Thrive Rally is a community site for people who are wanting to better themselves inside and out and improve their day today.

Through this community blog, you will find inspirational and motivational blog posts on self-discovery, setting goals and organizing and planning to improve your life. In addition, worksheets and weekly newsletters on monthly themes to work on. I am here to help you stay accountable and push you when the fear or self-doubt come.

When I am not curating the monthly themes for my community, you can find me planning my next trip or staycations (one of goals is to visit all 50 states) and the occasional binge watching of my favorite true crime shows.

Thank you for coming across this community. Please look around and if interested, get ready to work together to be a better version of yourself at Thrive Rally.

More about me:

  • I’m obsessed with dogs, they make me extremely happy (annoyingly so)
  • I’m a coffee lover. Lately, my favorite has been cortaditos (espresso with a bit of milk)
  • I am obsessed with mugs, I can’t have enough!
  • My background is Puerto Rican & Ecuadorian 🇵🇷🇪🇨
  • I was raised in my Miami. (Moved from Chicago, IL when I was 4 years old)
  • The Office (U.S) is my favorite show of all time… I can probably quote the whole show
  •  Obsessed with planners, organizing, to-do lists (you should see the notes on my phone) personal development, podcast
  • Lately, I’ve had a green thumb, really relaxing…I’ll been growing my own herbs!
  • Traveling is my favorite thing to do: This year I did a road trip from Miami to Orlando, St.Augustine, Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC
  • I now want to move to #Charleston, SC (my second home in my heart)
  • Next place I want to go to in the US: Nashville, TN, Austin, TX, Seattle, WA, Boston, MA (From there, been there??)

Let’s chat! Have a question for me? Email me, I would love to hear from you: belinda@thriverally.com.

with love, Belinda