Living Your Strengths

Living Your Strengths

Living your Strengths

I was working with my coach and we were discussing strengths. She was curious to know what I thought my strengths were. I thought about it a bit and mentioned to her what I thought they were. She also wanted me to reach out to family and friends and ask them what I thought my strengths were.

She thought it would be great to have another perspective and compare it versus my own.

Before we even ended the conversation, she mentioned, “you’re a planner, huh?…you should incorporate that into your business”. I pondered that comment for a bit since I would never have thought to incorporate that aspect to my business. To my surprise all of my family and friends all mentioned organization and planning as my strength. That moment was significant for me.

Here’s why…

In my 9-5, I have my to-do list and know what to prioritize throughout my day. I have been really successful with my day job, especially at being very efficient. Now, when it comes to my home life, I felt like I was out of control, and never had enough time for anything.

So where am I going with this…

When it came to “life balance” and conquering my goals, I was not succeeding. Whenever Monday came along, I felt depleted, time wasted and just unaccomplished. It hit me, I was not being “efficient” with my life. This also made me have another realization, when one area in your life is so “structured”, in the other area, you sometimes want nothing to do with “planning”. I recently learned that when you truly want freedom in your life, you need to plan and organize your life so you can have all the freedom you want.

Since I now know what my strengths are, I incorporate them in my everyday. I now feel so empowered to bring this “strength” to the members of Thrive Rally.

Why is it so important to know your strength? 

The main thought that comes to mind is a career opportunity.

Does your strength allow you to start your own business? Why don’t you start a blog or an online business?

Most importantly, being about to hone in your strength, can provide you some balance in your life. With the confidence you now have with this new information, this could bring other opportunities.

Quick story…

I love creating graphics for my blog. Before the Thrive Rally, I had a personal blog and I would constantly create my blog graphics on In my previous roles in my 9-5 job, we were establishing a new department and needed to update new material for our HR department. I was craving for a more creative role in my position so I offered to put a few templates together for my boss. Guess what? My boss ended up loving it and I ended up with constant creative projects which then lead to a desirable title and an increase in pay.

Possibilities are endless.

Tips for finding your strengths:

° Keep a Journal – Allow yourself to experiment on yourself. Try to write down your daily activities for several days. Notice a pattern you always geared to?

° Ask – Ask close friends, family, and even some trustworthy coworkers what they believe your strengths are. You might have an A-Ha moment yourself.

° Take a personality test – Find a Meyers Briggs personality test online and does it tell you anything about yourself. Any realization?

° Performance Evaluation – For those who are juggling their side hustle and their 9 to 5, what did your boss say in your performance review? What did she/he say about your strengths?

° Hobbies – Pay attention to your hobbies. What do you enjoy doing? Normally it is something you are good at.

° Meditate – Need some clarity? There is a meditation called “Mindfulness Meditation”. Mindfulness Meditation allows you watch your thoughts, with no judgment or reaction, you are just letting them come and go.


Having a hard time finding your strengths? Have you honed in on a strength that is making you successful? Share below! Each person that comments will you get a direct message from me, so we can keep the conversation going!! Looking forward to meeting you all!

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  1. November 6, 2017 / 10:32 pm

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this! This article definitely gave me good reasons to think and keep an eye on my strengths. It’s wonderful how focusing on our strength can spark up our regular days. Just like your post did to mine. <3

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