Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Ohhh lordy… feels so good to have this post written out.


Finding your purpose has been a question that we all have questioned ourselves. One that I have struggled with most of my life. What am I meant to do in this world? What is my purpose in life? Am I following the right path?

My brother knew he wanted to be in the medical field since he was a little kid… he’s now a nurse. Is there something wrong with me?

Growing up, I remember telling my mom that I knew that was destined for amazing things. I was about 10 years old when I told her that. Some career path that I attempted: going to school for psychology,  wanting to be a teacher, human resources management and now ???

I felt like a lost and an unaccomplished human.

I thought, what is that thing that I am meant to do? Was I wrong, am I not meant for great things?

Do you ask yourself the same question? I am here to tell you, there is nothing wrong with you.


This is my perspective now: Who says we are all meant for one thing? Who says we need to know our purpose since a child? What if you needed to go through a long journey for a reason? Maybe needed to go through some bumps in the road to find your calling?

Do you have any passions? Too many passions? Feel they are random and really hold no significance? Think again.

As I mentioned in my first post, the ideas of Thrive Rally came from a conversation I had with a girlfriend during dinner but this was something I wanted way before that.

Think of the career paths I’ve attempted mentioned above: psychology, teacher, and human resources. I care about people, I love being there for people, love training, and teaching and I really love learning about self-development. Maybe I’ve been on the right path all along but maybe not the conventional way?

Who knows but at the moment I am following what feels right. Following my intuition.

Your Path

Something that my coach constantly tells me when the self-doubt comes in is: “you never know unless you do”.

Many coaches/entrepreneurs say that it takes massive action, consistently to be successful with your goals. By not doing what your gut tells (following your passion), you will never know what opportunities would come from taking that consistent step. You will never know if this step will lead you to another remarkable route.


This life is a constant journey of growing and refining who you are. 



 Are you enjoying your journey? What steps are you taking towards your passion?


Feeling like you're going through the motions? Feeling unmotivated?

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  1. November 14, 2017 / 11:47 am

    I love the idea that you don’t necessarily have to have known since childhood what you want to be. You don’t even have to have wanted to be something for so long because it might not be for you in the end. Great post!

  2. November 14, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    It’s interesting how we start believing things and putting pressure on ourselves because of society and what we see around us!

    My passion is my blog so I’m dedicating 20+ hours every week on it!

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